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Total Immersion – Class of swimming without fatigue

If you’ve been involved with the sports movement for a while, you might be surprised to see so many trends rise and

The only secret to swimming fast

Is there a secret that can help you swim fast? Swim faster by increasing thrust or swim faster by reducing drag? As

Want to run well – Practice swimming

Swimming is a special sport. It is not only an independent sport but is also considered a sport that can be combined

Franklin – the first female swimmer to have 6 gold medals at a world tournament

As expected, the American women’s 4x100m relay swim team, including Missy Franklin, easily won the gold medal. Thus, Franklin became the first

Sports record shocking – Lifting weights tirelessly underwater

The seemingly unbeatable sports record was crushed by a Russian athlete. According to RT (Russia) recently reported, the Russian sports coach –

Singaporean swimmer crossed Phelps twice in the hobby content prize

Joseph Schooling, a young Singaporean, promises to be a serious competitor to super-fish Michael Phelps in the 100 m butterfly final swim.Not

Seabob – the most popular water sport toy in the world

Seabob is a new, unique underwater toy and will be a worthwhile experience for everyone. Leisurely surfing on the sea, surfing sports

The Underwater aerobics

Underwater aerobics is the ideal sport to keep your whole body moving. And more than that with this sport, you are immersed

Why swimming helps increase height

Swimming not only helps the body healthy, supple but also a great exercise to help people grow taller and have a better

How do Malta people play, play sports and entertain

Malta loves outdoor sports, fun festivals. Life here is quite comfortable, people spend quite a lot of time to entertain. Water sports