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Top 4 hottest swimming styles for beginners

Are you a beginner to learn swimming? So, have you found out which swimming style is right for you? Here are the

5 great benefits from swimming for you

Swimming is a sport that works well for health, helps strengthen the body’s resistance and helps to increase height. Swimming can be

Recommend to you some water sports you should try

There are many water sports, from scuba diving and snorkelling to underwater hockey and shooting underwater targets. Most of these sports are

Swimming is the perfect water sport for healthy life

Swimming is a perfect sport and is useful for both mental and physical health. The low impact of water helps to increase

Chinese super fishermen are suspected of hiding from military training camps

Sun Yang is being questioned by Chinese fans himself for not appearing at the military training camp for the Chinese swimming team.

Size of Olympic standard swimming pool for water polo

The size of the ring of each sport has its own standard. The size of the football field will be larger than

Palace of water sports in Minsk

The water sport palace in Minsk is a sports complex for children and adults. There are several swimming pools and training rooms.

Sun Yang cried after failing in the final of 800 meters freely

Chinese fishermen face the coach after finishing the finals of the forte at the FINA 2019 World Championship, on July 24th  night.

5 water sports help you lose weight fast

Exercising underwater is a useful exercise for muscles as well as supplementing and adjusting your breathing and can help you lose weight

5 reasons you should try practicing water sports

Practicing in the water not only helps you stay in shape but also the secret to the practice session is always fun