Franklin – the first female swimmer to have 6 gold medals at a world tournament

As expected, the American women’s 4x100m relay swim team, including Missy Franklin, easily won the gold medal. Thus, Franklin became the first female urchin to win 6 gold medals at a world tournament.

At the swimming world championship Barcelona 2020, 18-year-old swimmer Missy Franklin had 6 gold medals at different distances. At this tournament, Franklin set a target to win 7 gold medals. However, she only finished fourth at a free distance of 100 meters.

However, with 6 gold medals, Missy Franklin also recorded her name in the record book. Before Franklin, there was only one woman who won 6 gold medals at a big event, which was former East German swimmer Kristin Otto at the 1988 Seoul Olympic.

During Michael Phelps’ illustrious career, this swimmer won 7 gold medals at a world championship. At that time, Phelps set a target to win 8 gold medals, but he was not successful. Unfortunately, at a distance of 4x100m mixed men, swimmer Ian Crocker started early, causing the US team to be stripped of gold medal.

This year, the US team once again committed this mistake and was stripped of the men’s mix of the men’s 4x100m gold medal, even though they hit the finish line first. The French team finished second to win gold.

With three mainstays Missy Franklin, Katie Ledecky and Ryan Lochte, the American swimming team won 10 gold medals. They overwhelmed other athletes entirely at the swimming pool of the 50m.

When the tournament had only 1 day to play, the American swimming team was overwhelming with a total of 10 gold medals. China temporarily ranked second with 4 gold medals, more than the once swimming powerhouse Australia, the team had only 3 gold medals.

However, on the medal chart, China is still in the top thanks to its dominance in indoor diving. The remaining delegations were far behind, with Australia and Germany having only 3 gold medals while Brazil, South Africa, France and Hungary each had 2 gold medals.