How do Malta people play, play sports and entertain

Malta loves outdoor sports, fun festivals. Life here is quite comfortable, people spend quite a lot of time to entertain.

Water sports are very popular in Malta. Also because the climate here is favorable and safe almost all year round. The clean, clear blue sea is suitable for snorkeling. Especially since the water temperature never drops below 13 degrees Celsius even in winter.

In addition, residents and tourists also enjoy sports such as water polo, horse racing, bird shooting and soccer. Water polo even has many national competitions.

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Malta has a large golf course located right next to the Royal Malta golf club very close to the road to Valletta airport.

Every month in Malta, festivals are held, at most in the spring. Most festivals will be held in towns and big cities such as Valletta. Every festival has fireworks, parades around the city, singing and dancing.

The night in the towns is very lively with many night clubs, discos, bars, pubs. Beer and wine are the most favorite drinks in Malta, with a variety of fine wines, spirits and home-made spirits imported from abroad.

The Government of Malta does not prohibit people from gambling. At St. Julian’s and Vittoriosa, there are the 2 largest casinos in the country. There is also a large theater to host large-scale concerts. There are cinemas across the island where people enjoy this 7th art.

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If you are a foreigner who wants to shop in Malta, it is a wise choice. This is the place for the stores of many high-end fashion brands in the world. Shopping hours in Malta around 9am to 1pm and 4pm to 7pm from Monday to Saturday. Most shops will close on Sundays.

The food in Malta is a top tourist attraction. There are rows of restaurants, bars, coffee.