Swimming is one of the most popular water sports in the world, and it is considered both a recreational and competitive. However, you do not have be a professional swimmer to enjoy some of the health benefits associated with swimming. Some of the reasons you should consider swimming include:

Manages health conditions

Scientific evidence indicates that swimming can alleviate symptoms of health conditions such as arthritis, joint pains and disability. Some medics even claim that swimming can help with managing osteoarthritis.

Relieves stress

The contemporary world can be stressful and swimming provides a welcome relief to people who are looking for a relaxing sport where they can just disappear into their own thoughts and unwind. Since it involves a lot of movement, it is also a good way to engage the mind as you think about the different tricks you can use both under water and on the surface.

Helps in weight loss

Swimming for one hour can burn close to 500 calories. Moving in water involves exercising the cardiovascular muscles, limbs, and the entire body. If you are struggling with shedding off the extra weight, you should consider swimming as a sport.

Helps in preparing for disaster

Can you imagine what would happen if you were to be caught in a flood and you do not know how to swim? That is why it is important for you to not only learn how to swim, but practise whenever you can so that you perfect your skills.

It is safe during pregnancy

One of the issues pregnant women battle with is the type of sport they can engage in with endangering the lives of their unborn. Since doctors recommend that women be active during their pregnancy, swimming offers a good solution. Mild exercising during pregnancy has health benefits as well.