Good swimming for bones, improving lung function, helping you to have a balanced body and also a sport close to nature.

In the summer to find the right sport is not simple at all. If you are looking for an exercise to improve your overall health, swimming is the perfect choice. So try swimming, beginner you may have liked it now. At first glance it may seem hard, but the benefits are much more than you think. Here are the reasons why you no longer hesitate on this sport.

1. Help you relax

Water has long been a symbol of innovation and clarity. Research shows that when you immerse yourself in the water will have a strong impact on your brain and work as meditation, the brain is relaxed no longer subject to the pressures of everyday life. Take advantage of floating body therapy (face up to the sky)!


2. Does not cause much pressure on the body

Swimming helps you to have cardio exercises without putting pressure on muscles, bones and joints. The advantage of swimming is that regardless of age, fat or lean, older people, people with osteoarthritis can participate. This is one of the sports that both helps you relax and improve your health significantly.

3. Help you get close to nature

If you are lucky to live close to the river and sea, near the lake, the times when swimming on the river is really great! Research shows that if you spend a lot of time to mix with nature, not only will you improve your mental health, but you will also be physically fit, help you to be fit, reduce stress and be refreshed. Someday, you swim well at that time you can have water sports activities such as diving or surfing.

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4. Help you to be more firm and supple

Although it is a relatively light sport, swimming has brought many significant benefits, like aerobics, but swimming also helps the body to be flexible and increase endurance. “Women’s Health” magazine shows that swimming helps the body firm and supple. Practicing muscles, especially older people is necessary to have a healthy body and prolong life. Train toughness to improve sleep, keep balance, good for joints.

5. Help protect the lungs

Several studies have shown an association between swimming and improving lung function. The study has established a link between decreased lung function and cardiovascular disease. If you have 2 healthy lungs, your body will handle oxygen effectively, you will not feel short of breath and help prevent disease better.

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In short, swimming is the ideal sport to have a lucid soul in a robust body.