In the hot summer, parents do not ignore giving children to learn how to swim when they are off. Just increasing the ability to cope with danger, protect yourself, be a healthy sport to create joy and refreshment for children … these are the benefits children receive when learning to swim.

How to swim is safe for children

A child who learns to swim will have more life skills in the water environment, minimizing accidents in unexpected conditions. Children can protect themselves and can help others. Children who know how to swim will help you feel more comfortable when you let your children go out or picnic with your family, especially those related to the sea.

Even for children who are shy, parents do not need to be too anxious to let their children learn to swim, because when they practice getting used to the water, they will gradually reflect more quickly and swim if given specific instructions and there are can protect themselves in dangerous situations.

Develop physical and motor skills

Children should be educated early and at the right time according to the advice of experts. Children who learn to swim early will develop motor skills and be more agile.

When swimming, all of the major muscle groups in the body are operated at high frequency, thereby promoting the cardiovascular system. In addition, the fact has shown that swimming adds flexibility and endurance to children and is also one of the least traumatic sports.

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Help children increase height

Swimming helps children reach their ideal height. Some types of swimming have a good effect in developing height for children such as breaststroke, free swimming. The movements in the breaststroke style are usually a bicycle, kicking your legs back and forth and striding your arms forward. This helps increase the length of the spine and also contributes to prolonging some other parts of the body.

As for the free-swimming style, most swimming parts are stretched so the child will gain height in this type of swimming learning. However, it is necessary to combine a healthy diet, reasonable nutrition, regular exercise, perseverance to get good results.

Have more joy and relieve stress

Swimming helps children feel relaxed, especially on hot summer days. Swimming not only helps children have more fun, but if this is maintained even when growing up and growing up, it also helps people relieve stress and fatigue very well. When struggling, swimming in a cool water environment, the body will feel very refreshing and pleasant.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Trẻ học bơi sẽ nhận được những lợi ích tuyệt vời gì?

Self-confidence and effort

There are many children who will give up water, are afraid of water, and if this situation persists, it will affect a part of the physiology of the child when they grow up. Some are afraid to appear in crowded places. Teaching children to swim is a cure for the disease of invisible water. Most of the places where swimming is usually crowded, so the children will get used to it and become more confident, they will try to win themselves and show in public.