Introducing water polo – The most admired water sport

Water sports with the benefits of increasing endurance and helping players’ bodies to develop more comprehensively are the training options of many people. In it, water polo with simple gameplay and simple rules is gradually becoming the most popular water sport today.

Introduce water polo

The water sport or the ball throwing game originated in England and Scotland around the end of the nineteenth century. Initially, water polo was just a simple gesture showing the power of swimming, but later on, people improved and built more strict rules. In 1900, water polo became an official sport at the Olympic Games and still applies until the current Olympics.

Môn bóng nước nước được đưa vào thi đấu chính tại Olympic năm 1900

The rules of water polo

Number of people and how to play:

In order to organize a football match, two teams are required and each team needs 7 members. Players can only use one tree to keep the ball and only the new goalkeeper can use both hands. Teams score by throwing the ball into the opponent’s goal, the team scoring more points will win.

In addition, in the course of the match each player is not allowed to stay on the opponent’s yard area for more than 20 seconds. Each match is divided into 4, each round has a playing time of 7 minutes. Usually every match counts both the playing time and the break time which usually lasts about 1 hour.

Môn bóng nước nước được đưa vào thi đấu chính tại Olympic năm 1900

Cases of error:

In the framework of a ball game of water polo if the player violates errors such as playing with two hands, holding the ball for more than half a minute, there is a penalty for disrespecting the referee. Besides the actions that affect the opponent such as splashing water on opponents, beating or kicking, your team cannot score, push or pull the opponent will be counted as a mistake.

Water polo is an underwater team sport. The team consists of six players and a goalkeeper. And players can also play and sing songs about the medium-range hut art to increase the excitement of each game.

After each mistake as above, the opponent will be entitled to a penalty throw. And players are sent off when they make mistakes five times in a match.

Request for competition and waterball players

If the water ball is just for fun and practice, there are not too many strict requirements. However, for the official matches that require the professionalism of the athletes, there must also be mandatory requirements for the venue.

Specifically, the swimming pool where the matches take place must ensure that the pool size is 30m long, 20m wide and the minimum depth of the pool must be 2m. The height of the goal is 0.9m and the width of the goal is 3m. At the same time, the place is said to be banned from the goalkeeper to ensure a distance of 2m with goal.

Người chơi môn bóng nước phạm lỗi 5 lần sẽ bị đuổi khỏi sân

Requirements for players

When entering the official football matches, players or players must achieve the best health status, without serious injuries, without infectious diseases, without using stimulants to ensure public performance. Equal to both sides.

For professional players, there must be enough love for height, weight, good swimming techniques, flexible handling of unexpected developments on the field. To become a professional player in water polo every need to undergo a long training process under the guidance of fitness experts and coaches. In particular, the nutrition regime with water polo players has an important role to influence physical fitness. Fully implementing the scientific nutrition regime will help the bridges increase their strength for each match.

Although water polo is not as widely known as a king sport, it is not so attractive that it is inferior to any sport. Hopefully, the introduction has helped you to add more useful information about this extremely interesting sport!