Palace of water sports in Minsk

The water sport palace in Minsk is a sports complex for children and adults. There are several swimming pools and training rooms.

Experienced coaches will help you quickly master the different swimming techniques or put your body in order.

Where is it located?

The water sport palace in Minsk is located on Surganov street, 2a. It is very easy to get here by subway. The building is located 640 meters from the station. The sports palace has a glass facade and can be seen from afar.

The sports complex is open daily from 7:15 to 22:15 and on weekends from 7:15 to 21:00. Individual and group training takes place on a predetermined schedule, during the opening hours of the Aquatics Center in Minsk.

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The large size of the building makes it possible to book multiple rooms to swim in at the same time. The complex has 3 different swimming pools.

The water temperature meets all SES standards. The pool has several filters with a cleaning step. Several times a day, water is tested by laboratory technicians for compliance with all standards.

Here are classes for athletes. Ordinary residents of the city can also find a workout to their liking. They are offered a choice:

– Underwater aerobics;

– Learning to swim for children;

– Aerobics for pregnant women.

There is also a chance to swim in your free time in the pool for everyone. Before going to the Aquatics Center in Minsk, you must ask your doctor for permission in the form of a certificate.

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Bonus services

In the sports complex, there is a modern gym, which hosts fitness classes and simulated training. At the request of the client, a personal trainer can work with him. Registered visitors to the pool, get a good discount on purchases to the gym.

On the basis of complex operating a sports camp. In it, the boys not only have fun but also learn to swim and play football. Children aged 7 to 11 may attend the camp.

In the summer, there were 6 shifts in the camp. The children arrive here at 8:30 and go home at 17:30. During this time, they managed to have fun in the “Nemo” game, visit a movie theater or museum, practice in the pool or on the football field. Breakfast and dinner are held at a cafe on the second floor of the Aquatics Center in Minsk.

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In the warm season, there is a summer playground near the building. Here you can sunbathe on the lounge chairs or play volleyball. Also on site is equipped with modern tennis courts.

The building has a cozy cafe and sauna. Those who love beautiful tanned skin can visit the solarium. Children wait for their parents to play in the playroom or trampoline hall.