Singaporean swimmer crossed Phelps twice in the hobby content prize

Joseph Schooling, a young Singaporean, promises to be a serious competitor to super-fish Michael Phelps in the 100 m butterfly final swim.
Not to be overestimated before entering a 100 m men’s swimmer competition.

But Joseph Schooling really impressed and became one of the leading candidates for the gold medal. In both qualifying and semifinal swimming series, fishermen from Southeast Asia excelled in finishing with the best results. That’s respective 51 seconds 41 and 50 seconds 83.

Joseph Schooling made honorary member of Singapore Island Country ...

Meanwhile, the number one candidate Michael Phelps has an unimpressive achievement. The 31-year-old star only achieved 51 seconds 60 (ranked 4 qualifying) and 51 seconds 58 (ranked 5 semi-finals).

If you continue to maintain the style, Schooling can completely dream of the gold medal. At the Olympics four years ago, the person standing on the top podium was Michael Phelps who only reached 51 seconds 21 in the final swim. In addition, the best performance of American super-fishermen in London is only 50 seconds 86.

Under the guidance of Eddi Reese, the coach used to lead the South American swimming team in two Olympics. Schooling has made great progress. The 21-year-old excelled in winning a bronze medal at the World Water Sports Championships in Kazan, Russia.

The final 100 m butterfly series for men is expected to take place at 8pm on 13/8. The Olympic records in the men’s 100m butterfly pool now belong to Michael Phelps with a record of 49.82 seconds and 50 seconds 58.

Joseph Schooling béo ú, bụng đầy mỡ vẫn bơi vô đối - Ngôi sao

Phelps took 38.1 seconds to complete the distance of 100 meters, two more seconds than the opponent. The 32-year-old was a good start, reaching nearly the same speed as the shark in the first half of the race, before falling in the last 30 meters.

The contest is part of a “Shark Week” program aired on Discovery Channel. Michael Phelps and his opponents competed at two different times, before the image was processed to look like a real race.