Size of Olympic standard swimming pool for water polo

The size of the ring of each sport has its own standard. The size of the football field will be larger than the size of the basketball court.

The size of the badminton field will be different from boxing, so what is the size of the Olympic standard swimming pool size for water polo? How to build good quality pool equipment? Let’s find out!

It can be said that the competition pool size is somewhat different than that of normal swimming pools. Because all dimensions in length, width to the size of partitions must be up to standard. This standard is specifically prescribed for swimming pools for water sports. So if it is butterfly swimming, striding,… these measurements will not be applied.

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In addition to the standard dimensions of the width, the wall of the swimming pool is a ball. The distance between the podium to the water surface of the tank is not wrong. Whether one or 100 pools are for water polo, they all have the same size. Equipment installed, lighting adjustment system must meet international Olympic competition pool standards.

The size of the Olympic standard swimming pool for water polo will be divided into two categories. Each category corresponds to a different form of water polo. Specifically:

Type 1: The length of the standard swimming pool is 25m (82.0 ft) for short courses.

Type 2: The length of the standard swimming pool is 50m (164.0 ft) for the long course.

This is the size of the Olympic standard pool size for length. The width is the same with the minimum size from 21m to 25m. In addition, the remaining parameters of the Olympic standard swimming pool will be the same size. If the competition pool has a touch panel design, the distance between the tables will be 25 or 50 meters.

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Thus, it complies with swimming pool standards and qualifies for FIFA identification. If one of these parameters is misleading, the pool will not meet the Olympic standard as set out. Therefore, through these data, it is possible to see that some Olympic standard swimming pools are often oversized. This unusual element is designed to create space for installing touch panels for use in matches.

The construction of a swimming pool for Olympic standard water polo is very difficult. Especially the standard swimming pool size must be accurate. In addition, effort, time, and budget must be spent many countless new to be completed.