Sports record shocking – Lifting weights tirelessly underwater

The seemingly unbeatable sports record was crushed by a Russian athlete. According to RT (Russia) recently reported, the Russian sports coach – Vitaly Vivchar has set a new world record when lifting 50kg. That’s while the body is completely submerged underwater.

He completed the record with 76 times of lifting weights underwater. That’s beating the previous achievement set by Greg Wittstock (USA) with 62 times.

I knew this Guinness world record a few years ago. I am also an amateur diver. That’s why, I applied to set a new record, ”said Vivchar.

Sports coach Vivchar spent 2 months preparing for the record-setting session at Lebyazhye Lake near Tomsk (Russia). Vitaly Vivchar shared that he held his breath for more than 3 minutes while practicing.

“I’m worried because the water is cold and cloudy due to bad weather. Furthermore, I also get stressed before trying. My heart rate is over 108 beats per minute! It takes a long time for me to calm down.” Reported by Vitaly Vivchar.

We have another story about underwater weight training. Among many exercises applied by Jennifer Gelman, maybe water gym is the most unique secret to help mothers of 4 children get in good shape. It sounds a bit special, but water gyms have been used by many people and bring amazing results in losing weight as well as maintaining shape.

According to research by experts, the water exercise can help burn thousands of calories. Besides, the repulsion of water also causes muscles to develop faster. For Jennifer Gelman, she opted to lift dumbbells in a variety of gym equipment.

Her underwater training time also became extremely interesting when playing with the kids. Any move when you are underwater is also great for bodybuilding.

You should try to get used to the breath when underwater, because when exercising, it takes flexibility and longer holding your breath. Gradually increase the time holding your breath and apply a smooth, rhythmic movement with your movements for best results.