The athletes will receive heavy penalties if they continue to boycott Chinese fishermen

At the ongoing World Swimming Championships in South Korea, athletes will be deprived of a medal or awarded a penalty if they still boycott China’s Sun Yang.

The World Basketball Federation (FINA) has just issued a new regulation on the Code of Conduct, called the codes of conduct in competition. Under the new rules, athletes can be stripped of their medals or penalties if they have any religious or political discrimination or statement on the medal podium.

The “Code of Conduct in the Contest” was applied by FINA during the time of the world swimming tournament which was overshadowed by the continuous public boycott of athletes towards Sun Yang of China. FINA announced the new rule to each President and Secretary-General of the Member Basketball League members late on Tuesday, according to Australian media.

Các VĐV sẽ nhận án phạt nặng nếu tiếp tục tẩy chay kình ngư Trung Quốc

The incident related to Sun Yang in the 2019 World Swimming Championships is receiving much attention from the world swimming village in particular and the world sports village in general. 27-year-old Chinese fisherman was rejected by the opponent twice and stood together on the podium to receive a medal in two Sun Yang competitions to receive gold. On July 21, Horton of Australia was the first to boycott Sun Yang after a 400m freestyle. Two days later, on the evening of July 23, Scottish fisherman Scott had similar action in the 200m freestyle.

If at the first time he was ostracized, Sun Yang did not respond, at the second time, the fisherman shouted “I win, and you lose” to Scott’s face after the opponent made a cold face, refused to stand together. on the podium to receive a medal.

FINA’s quick response, new rules are said to avoid ugly images, damaging the tournament like the past days. However, many officials and other swimmers say that this is another FINA action for Sun Yang.

The reason Sun Yang does not receive respect from rivals is that this fisherman is being looked upon as a mean opponent, and succeeds because of doping fraud but is being favored.

Các VĐV sẽ nhận án phạt nặng nếu tiếp tục tẩy chay kình ngư Trung Quốc

In 2014, a sample of Sun Yang’s blood was discovered by the Chinese Anti-Doping Committee to have trimetazidine on the list of banned substances, but this fish was only banned for 3 months. This is also the reason why Sun Yang and Mack Horton provoked each other at the 2016 Olympics.

The suspicion that Sun Yang used the banned substance increased after the incident in September last year. After agreeing to take a blood sample but refusing to give a urine sample, the Chinese fisherman and a bodyguard smashed a hammer with a sample box sent by FINA’s three independent doping officers to his home in Zhejiang.

Because of this action, Sun Yang is under investigation by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and will have to testify before this agency in September. If found guilty, Sun Yang will be banned from playing forever. And being investigated but still being given a special match by FINA is the reason why Sun Yang was boycotted these days.