The only secret to swimming fast

Is there a secret that can help you swim fast? Swim faster by increasing thrust or swim faster by reducing drag? As you know, increasing thrust or reducing resistance are two absolute factors that are necessary and sufficient to determine swimming speed.

Everyone would immediately agree to increase the thrust to swim faster because it was too obvious. However, I discovered that there are still many newcomers to swimming who have yet to fully appreciate the importance of reducing resistance.

But only work hard to increase their thrust. They then practice muscle-building exercises that build really big, very strong muscles, and then sink like dumbbells when thrown into the water.

I advise players to pay attention to reducing resistance from the very beginning. Meanwhile, swimming always has to conquer water, and this liquid is 784 times denser than air!

So along with the water pressure – it helps you float – but if you sink anything when you get into the water. Immediately it will become a heavy drag on the body.

You may not be able to reduce resistance at the beginning of swimming, but you should always be mindful of that. The player should be very conscious and allow it to be a top priority when you are new to swimming or swimming is weak.

You will be surprised when you swim faster, even faster with a little effort with just a better body! When you have a more relaxed swim, the posture is straight, balanced, and high in parallel to the water.

And as always, I advise you to correct them one by one instead of wanting to fix all the mistakes in one session. Focusing on fixing one error is much more efficient and will practically help you improve the technique faster. So if you swim faster than before, be proud and enjoy the achievement.