The Underwater aerobics

Underwater aerobics is the ideal sport to keep your whole body moving. And more than that with this sport, you are immersed in cool water to help you feel refreshed and stressed.

According to new research from Finland, this is a good sport for people with knee pain. This research was talked in the Medical Journal “Osteoarthritis and Cartilage” News. Researchers at the University of Finland were interested in the benefits of underwater aerobics.

Deep Water Aqua Aerobics

Results showed that after 4 months of training, articular cartilage significantly improved in terms of thickness. In addition, the movement of the knee joint is also significantly improved.

In water the joints are less affected by pressure, the thrust of water helps support the body. Water creates resistance, making your muscles stronger when you have to resist the resistance of water.

This is a good form of exercise for muscle strength and the cardiovascular system but does not affect the joints much. If you suffer from knee pain and love sports, water aerobics is a great choice for health. If you suffer from knee pain and love sports, water aerobics is a great choice for health.

They surveyed 87 women aged 60 to 68 years old. They all suffer from knee arthritis and have recurrent pain. Matti Munukka et Benjamin Waller, the main authors of the study. They came up with relatively strong and strenuous training programs for participants.

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They all undergo 3 aerobics sessions each week. Each training session lasts about 1 hour and lasts for 4 months. At the end of the survey, the researchers analyzed the composition of cartilage using magnetic resonance technology

Underwater aerobics work to improve health, help keep the spirits refreshed, and reduce stress. And now it also has a preventive effect. What a great sport! Hope you will find lots of fun in this water sport.