Things to keep in mind when swimming activities

It can be said that swimming is one of the sports most beneficial to health and safety. Compared to jogging or cycling, swimming is the sport with the least amount of bone and joint injuries and makes the body more flexible.

Especially on hot summer days, swimming is more and more people choose to exercise themselves because the cool water will help you dispel the heat of the summer to make you feel refreshed. However, if you do not learn about swimming properly, you will most likely suffer from swimming injuries and mistakes.

Không đi bơi khi đang đói

Here are some notes when swimming:

Do not swim while sweating too much

The summer weather became increasingly hot and the pools were always crowded and at full capacity. Many people, after being outdoors with a lot of sweat, often jump right into the water to swim. This is a very dangerous job that can be life-threatening because the hot body in immediate contact with cold water will cause a sudden cold phenomenon, even heat stroke. The best way is to allow the body to slowly adjust to the temperature of the water and then start swimming to avoid getting sick.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho lưu ý khi bơi lội"

Swimming when hungry is also one of the things to avoid especially for people with weak fitness. People who do not have good physical strength if they are hungry and rush to swim immediately will most likely cause an exhausted body leading to drowning. So when you are hungry, avoid swimming immediately, but you should add some snacks to your body before starting swimming.

Warm-up before swimming

This is a point of note when swimming people who start swimming activities need to know warm-up is very important for those who begin swimming activities. Warming will help joints and bones become more flexible and flexible, muscles will be activated, blood flow will avoid cramps while swimming. If you do not start well, rush to swim right away, you will probably fall into a state of cramps leading to drowning.