Total Immersion – Class of swimming without fatigue

If you’ve been involved with the sports movement for a while, you might be surprised to see so many trends rise and fall. This swim helps an adult who cannot swim confidently enter the water and can swim for 1-2km long. I said swimming was tireless and could be a long swim, but I didn’t say swimming fast!

The purpose of the T.I school is to help your body adapt and gradually you will feel more comfortable in water and swimming like fish. This means simulating swimming characteristics of aquatic animals and applying them to swim.

The T.I method begins with introducing swimmers. Whether you are a beginner or someone who has learned to swim for a long time. How to balance and stabilize the pelvis.

The purpose of this learning is to replace the feeling of weight in the water with a feeling of joy, comfort and lightness. That is why you are submerged in water.

A pose that requires as little effort as possible. The next important thing is to learn how to stabilize your pelvis, allowing your body to reconnect into an attached mass.

Perhaps humans and fish have more than one difference, but the biggest difference regarding the topic of this article is the fish’s natural ability to surf water. It is a natural ability that any aquatic species has.

Because the human body is not designed to pass through water as easily as a mine. Meanwhile, water has a density 1000 times thicker than air, making it difficult for people to move rapidly through water. Therefore, we have only 1 option to train to develop the ability to glide in the water.

The water surfing position prevents us from falling into a sinking position. When you move through the water, the submerged position makes you more resistant to the water.

It leads to an effective reduction in performance. To reduce this drag, your body axis should be as straight as possible, the contact surface in the water-resistant position should be as little as possible.

Imagine your body is a torpedo shot away from a submarine. That is the water surfing position you need to do.