As the name suggests, boat racing is a type of water sport where boats and other watercraft are used to race on water. This sport dates back in ancient history and has become recognized globally.

Some of the most common boat races include:


This sport is done by propelling a boat using oars. The force from the oar pushes the boat. A rowing boat race can be done by individuals competing against each other, or groups competing against groups.

Outrigger canoe racing

This race uses a canoe that has one or more lateral support floats that are called outriggers. It is a globally recognised sport, and a six person (OC6) outrigger canoe is one of the most commonly used. For people who want to race individually, one person canoes (OC1) is available.

Dragon boat racing

It is organized by the International Boat Federation (IDBF) that governs the sport. The competition always happens at certain times of the year, but those who want to be in the race spend time training.

Hydroplane boat racing

It involves riding hydroplanes on rivers and lakes. Even though this sport is thrilling, it is considered one of the most dangerous types of boat racing, and the competitors are always advised to take precautions and ensure they adhere to the safety measures before playing.

Inshore powerboat racing

This is a water based motor sport where power boars are used. Competitors can enter any of their many categories, based on expertise. One of the most common type of inshore powerboat racing involves competing around a buoy or multi-pin circuit. This sport requires you to have a trainer or someone who can guide you on the basics before you embark on the race.

Generally, boat racing is getting popular with each passing day, and international bodies are being formed to govern and manage the rules of the game.