For centuries, water sports have been celebrated and perfected to be one of the major activities people engage in during competitions and recreational activities.

Some of the world known water sports include:


This is one of the most popular water sport across the world. It is both done in amateur and professional level. Whether it is a child splashing across rivers in the village, or a sportsman engaging in swimming competition, the sport is recognised almost everywhere.


This sport involves getting on a surfboard and riding on a wave towards the shore. Surfing is sport of balance and strategy. Even though it needs some practise and time before mastering the skills, it is considered one of the most interesting water sports.


It is a special form of swimming where one uses a tube called snorkel to breath under water. The swimmer also wears a diving mask and swim fins to allow them to function under water. It appeals to people who want to observe underwater life.

Jet skiing

This involves racing on a water body using a machine made for water crafting. Professionals who engage in jet skiing can do some stunts such as flipping, or even arrange for competitive races.


A triathlon race involves cycling, swimming, and running in rapid succession. The competition has the participants on a timer and they are expected to finish each step within a certain duration. It has become one of the latest addition on Olympic games.


As the name suggests, this type of water sport involves the rider getting on a bodyboard and riding on a wave towards the shore. The body board is always custom made depending on the specifications and preference of the rider. They hold an annual World Championship in USA, and it attracts bodyboarders from different parts of the world.