Playing water sports is one of the most favorite leisure activities when spending time on vacation on the yacht.

If you like scuba diving, make sure you can’t deny diving with snorkels in the ocean, watching coral reefs and colorful fish swimming around you. If you are a fan of dramatic sports, jet skiing or jet skiing are the things you want to try. Check out the list of sports that can be played on the yacht through the following article.

1. Scuba diving

If you love the beauty of the sea, and watch the life under the water in the most vivid way, snorkelling is definitely the right sport for you. Imagine you will be like a resident of the ocean: A sunny morning, you jump into the warm water from the yacht in trendy diving suits and swim with fish, admire strange creatures that are hard to get visible in artificial aquarium. Bored back to the boat and the butler will wait for you to have a sweet orange juice as soon as you step up from the stairs.

In addition, when choosing to watch marine plants and animals right in the ocean, you have contributed to the protection of marine animals and plants. By reducing one person to the aquarium means increasing a chance for these creatures not to be caught as a pastime.

2. Jet Ski

Jet ski is an exciting sport for those who love sailing in particular and love water sports in general. In particular, jet ski is only fun when playing two or more people.

To save space for individual flybridge yachts, you can bring a standing jetski (stand-up jet ki) to the stern poolside deck 1 boat and the upper deck of the boat 1 unit. For speed enthusiasts, Jet Ski driving is considered an interesting activity that needs to be tested at least once in a lifetime. Sitting on the boat and turning on the surf in a place where there is only a companion, and a cloud of water while the wind is playing with the hair, it is more interesting, safe and legal than on-land racing. many times.

3. Water skiing

Water skiing is a worldwide favorite sport. In this subject, you will stand on skis (like skiing) and be dragged across the water by the yacht. There are a few tips you need to remember when playing water skiing: always stand with your knees bent, keep your arms bent and let your boat drag you forward, lean back to keep gravity, breathe smoothly like normal (many people tend to hold their breath when playing extreme sports. Finally, it is possible to try to turn aside gently when you are used to pulling and keeping a good balance.

4. Wakeboarding

This is a game where you will stand on a board called a wakeboard and be dragged by the yacht on the water. Wakeboard usually has a small, narrow rectangle, with a pair of shoes fixed on the board. This sport is extremely easy to play, does not require too much effort. Just take a few simple techniques, anyone can play. Especially, as jet ski, wakeboarding is a sport that cannot be played alone. Therefore, this is a good opportunity to gather friends and family to enjoy water and talk and engage more. If you like watching sports, wakeboarding is also an international championship sport like Supra Pro Tour so you can watch.

5. Wakesurfing

Wakesurfing is becoming popular with its speed against face by the simplicity and safety of this sport. If with wakeboarding you will have to attach to the boat and be towed with wakesurfing, you will be completely independent and just need to surf right behind the boat (because when the boat is running, it will create waves for you to surf on the water). This is also considered a highly community sport because you will be surfing behind the yacht with close range. Therefore, you can easily chat as well as just friends and children how to play wakesurfing.