If you are looking for a thrill and you love water, you should consider engaging in one of the many water sports that are highly recognized. Some of the sports you can try include:

Water skiing

As the name suggests, this sport involves skiing on a water body. You can use either a double or one ski to glide on water. The ski is pulled using a powerboat that is on high speed. Water skiing is done in main sporting events including the Olympics, World championship and World Games.

Kite surfing

This water sport uses either a wake board or surfboard that is pulled by a kite. You do not have to be a professional to engage in this sport, but you need some form of training so that you learn how to control the kite and understand how the direction of wind affects movement.

Cliff diving

In this sport, one jumps from a cliff or rock into water. Most people who engage in the sport say they enjoy the beautiful feeling of wind against their body as they jump into the cool water underneath. For experienced divers, the jump can be as high as 80 feet, which is equivalent to jumping from the eighth floor of a building.


Also known as angling, fishing can be classified as a water sport, even though it does not involve rigorous movement. However, if you want to go full swing in fishing, you can try the big game fish hunt or deep sea fishing that promises more adventure. The sport is often influenced by the type of fish one is looking for, as some types are only available in fresh water, while other types habit the salty waters.


For people who want extreme sports. rafting is the way to go. It involves using a raft that cannot be inflated to maneuver rough waters. It involves a team of about 4-12 people on a raft.