The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has announced that it has filed an appeal against the decision not to accuse Sun Yang in the Chinese starfish abduction case against the doping inspection team.

WADA told AFP that the agency filed an appeal to the Court of Sports Arbitration (CAS) about the World Swimming Federation (FINA) decided not to pursue the case against the star swimming several times. World enemy. Sun Yang – Olympic gold medalist who swam freely for men’s 200m, 400m and 1,500m distances, did not cooperate in a doping test outside of competition on April 4 at his home in Zhejiang province (China).

AFP quoted WADA spokesman as saying: “WADA submitted an appeal to CAS on Sun Yang’s case”. Meanwhile, according to Sun Yang’s lawyers, the fisherman – who had been banned for three months in 2014 because of substance use – was dismissed by FINA in January.

Kình ngư Sun Yang tiếp tục đối mặt với bê bối doping /// AFP

Olympic champion Sun Yang denied the information in the article about how his security guard broke the bottle containing his blood sample when a dispute with the anti-doping force broke out.

Sun Yang did not comply with the doping requirements, but FINA’s doping department erased the sentence for the fisherman because he thought that IDTM inspectors – the agency conducting doping tests – had violated one. number of rules. Among those violations include not giving a letter of authorization and a nursing license, Sun Yang’s lawyers mentioned in a notice.

WADA quyết trừng phạt kình ngư Trung Quốc trong vụ chống cơ quan doping - ảnh 2

Chinese fishery lawyers have previously threatened to sue the British newspaper The Sunday Times for posting a story about Sun Yang clashing with doping testers, and a Sun Yang bodyguard used a hammer to smash bottles containing sealed blood samples.

Sun Yang is one of China’s greatest athletes ever and extremely popular at home. However, Sun Yang’s career has been caught up in suspicions of doping use, even Australian rival Mack Horton has publicly called Sun Yang the doping name for cheating at the 2016 Olympics.