Unexpectedly benefits that swimming brings to you

Swimming not only helps the body healthier but also boosts metabolism. Here are some reasons why you can’t skip swimming, especially as the summer heat is on its way.

Swimming solves everything from getting your perfect back to toning your arms. Swimming makes your body healthier without having to do specific muscle exercises.

Recovery after injury

If you are recovering from an injury, gentle sports activities like swimming will help you recover faster. In water, your body weight is only 1/10 of normal weight and water enhances the amplitude of limb activity, which will help you recover faster and easier than on land exercises.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Bơi lội hữu ích đến không ngờ

Compared to other sports, swimming has a clear advantage of being a floating state in the water environment that helps you minimize the risk of strong impact and increase your ability to move smoothly.

Helps supple muscles

Swimming helps to increase the body’s resistance, enhance the health of the cardiovascular system and help you have a toned body due to the metabolism is promoted. In addition to the use of the main muscle groups, swimming also helps the joints operate flexibly, especially the neck, shoulders, hips and limbs. The swim move makes you use a series of movements, thereby helping your muscles more flexible.

Reduce asthma symptoms

Practicing swimming can reduce your risk of asthma because swimming helps you practice in humid air. Swimming requires good breath control, which in turn helps keep the respiratory system healthy.

Cost savings

Swimming does not require you to spend millions to buy specialized equipment for training. All you need is swimwear, a hat and goggles and, of course, an expense to buy a ticket to enter the pool for example. It is absolutely essential that a swimsuit is the best and most comfortable for you to swim. Swimwear should not be too tight, should replace new swimwear if the phenomenon is stretched.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Bơi lội hữu ích đến không ngờ

If you swim in a pool that uses chlorine to disinfect, wear swimming goggles to avoid splashing water into the eyes, protecting eye safety when swimming. The best time to swim is in the early morning or late afternoon, but if you swim in the sun, use a sunscreen specifically used in water to protect your skin from sunburn.

Enemy of weight gain and obesity

Spending an hour swimming a few rounds in the pool can reduce from 511 to 763 calories, helping to boost metabolism during swimming and when you have landed. Swimming helps the body consume energy, which is the basic factor to help you control your body weight. An hour of swimming helps the body release calories equivalent to 6 hours of jogging. It can be seen as a sport to lose weight very effectively.